Thursday 31 March 2011

Very Close HGV- Complaint

 On the 24th March I unfortunately suffered the following incident

I believe I now know the company that owns the vehicle so I have written the following complaint. It should be noted that the company hasn't been confirmed, therefore, I have anonymised the letter to reflect this.

Dear Sir/madam,

I am unfortunately writing to you with a complaint about the driving of one of your HGV drivers.

I am a cyclist who cycle commutes 12 miles to and from work each day from Torrance to the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. Normally I commute on quiet back roads as I don't like holding up traffic along Balmore Road at rush hour, however, on the occasion of the morning of 24th March, I had to use a short section of Balmore Road after having dropped my children of at their place of childcare. It was during my short time on this road at about 8:06am that I experienced some shocking driving from one of your drivers  (HGV with registration SF55AOC).

Having encountered a number of incidents in the past I have resorted to wearing a helmet camera to record such incidents. Therefore, I have footage of the incident that can be viewed here ( As you can see from the video a number of vehicles managed to pass me quite safely so there was no reason for the shockingly poor, very close pass by your vehicle, especially as there was no traffic coming in the other direction.

You will also note from the video that I was uncertain about the identity of the HGV operator. However, with help from others, and comparison of the sign on the side of the HGV and comparison with your xxx logo, I am fairly certain it is one of your vehicles. Could you please confirm this for me?

Obviously I would be keen for you to talk to the driver involved in this incident. I am not looking for anyone to loose their job, but I think it needs to be made VERY clear to the driver, and in fact all of your drivers that driving of this standard is not acceptable. Had there been a gust of wind, a pothole or something similar in the road at that point it would have been very easy for myself and the HGV to come into contact, with dire consequences.

I should point out, that in general HGV drivers are the best and most courteous on the road, as they should be, considering the danger such vehicles could pose. I am sure that the majority of your drivers drive to a very high standard.

I would be happy for you to use this footage to show your drivers the effects that driving of this standard can have on a cyclist, and in fact I am more than happy talk to your drivers personally about incidents like this. I have experience working with HGV/PCV companies in the past including First Glasgow as this Evening Times article demonstrates (

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours Sincerely

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