Wednesday 27 July 2011


A couple of things have happened lately that have made me reassess what I have been doing lately. One is private, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. No, my wife hasn't left me....mind you I wouldn't blame her! ;-)

Another was a post made on one of my videos on Youtube. It made me think.

I respected these videos of yours, however upon hearing an increasing number of personal insults ("What does the CK stand for on your registration plate?") in same, I am afraid you are losing your integrity in my eyes. Disappointed you lower yourself to their level, and let's not beat around the bush, that's what you're doing. Pull it together please.

I think the poster was to some extent right. I wouldn't say I was being insulting as such, but I think I was focusing too much on the tit for tat point scoring by making a smart comment. That is not what I am about, or what I stand for.

My aim is to make the roads a safer and happier place, not just for cyclists, but for everyone. Not to get a few pats on the back for being a smart Alec.

So it's back to basics. Post the odd video where I feel people, including myself, can learn from. Campaigning for better and safer roads. Getting more people on bikes.

To start that ball rolling, I've removed a couple of videos that I felt had the wrong focus. Perhaps a few more will come down when I have a chance to look back through them.

Rest assured though, you haven't heard the last of Magnatom.

On that note I need to get to writing about my First Bus meeting.... :-)

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Social Commuting

Ask cyclists why they enjoy cycle commuting and there are a few common replies, fitness, speed advantage in cities, environment, etc. However, one that is often overlooked is the social aspect.

Take today for instance. Cycling to and from work today I:

Said good morning to a chap who I often see walking his dog (well controlled!)
Said good morning to two gentlemen I often see out for a morning stroll along the local country lanes.
Had a laugh with a driver when he asked, 'why the camera?' 'to catch bad drivers like you!' It was a joke of course!
Had a chat at the traffic lights with a new lady cyclist. Her saddle was too low and she appreciated the advice. She had just started out but was really enjoying it.
Had a 10 minute chat to a cyclist I sometimes see on my commute home. Hi Nick, if you are reading! Hope you pop in! :-)
Said good evening to another dog walker I often see.
Nodded hello to several cyclists that passed in the other direction.
Said thank you to the nice young lady cyclist who slowed to let me pass in the Clyde Tunnel.
Smiled and waved at the little girl who was smiling and waving at me out the window of her daddy's car.
Nodded hello to the young lady jogger who gave me a nice smile back.

This is a typical Glasgow cyclist that it is worth getting social with.....

So I put the question to all of the driving commuters out there: How social has your commuting been today?

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Meeting with First Bus

You may remember I had this incident some time ago with a First Bus and I wrote this letter of complaint.

I never did receive a letter of response. Why? Because instead of writing a letter to me (the easy option) they have asked to meet me!

So this Friday I am off to the First Bus training facility in Livingstone to have a chat with the MD of First South East and Central Scotland, and their training manager.

I'll be chatting to this chap.

What will the meeting consist of? I'm not sure, but I'm hopeful that it will go further than just discussing the merits of this particular complaint. I have had some campaigning success with First Glasgow in the past. The Give Cyclists Room campaign, whilst admirable, was probably a little simplistic.

So what do you think as a cyclist, I should be discussing with those in power at a large bus company? What are the, 'must cover topics'?

I'm hoping that we can work together to make the roads a safer and more pleasant place, not just for cyclists and bus drivers, but for all road users. We have to start somewhere.....

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Is this Chap Articulate?

I'm off on holiday at the moment, so no commuting just nowt! It's a mixture of treats for the kids and work in the house and garden. A typical holiday for a family with three young kids! :-)

Anyway, I thought I would break my radio silence for this classic.

A 'chap' has published a couple of comments on two of my videos. They are as follows:

Shouldn't have been cycling in the middle of the road you dumb cyclist twat!! 

Followed by:

You're the dick cyclist, once again you're cycling in the middle of the road - frankly, I hope some driver does aim for you one day to kerb your mouth!


As I had some time tonight (Waiting for my wife to put my youngest down. We are going through a difficult stage at the moment, as she does not like going to sleep in the cot!!), I thought I would search the Youtubers user-name. Not difficult as he was one of those daft Youtubers who used his real name as his Youtube name.


It turns out that this 'chap' does some computery type stuff, 'BMC Remedy ITSM Administrator and Developer.....etc' All very good I'm sure. Has his own web page and everything! :-)

What really tickled my funny bone though was the tag line on his web page, especially considering his comments on my videos. It is as follows:

An adaptable, responsible, enthusiastic, articulate individual capable of developing existing and new innovative ideas...

Responsible and articulate is he? LOL!!!!

Whatever you do, don't google his tagline, as that would take you straight to his website and then you would see how a slight change to his web address would be very appropriate......


Friday 1 July 2011

Jeremy Clarkson School of Driving: Lesson 1

Before anyone points out that Jeremy Clarkson is just joking when he comments about cyclists, and how you should drive around them, I actually find his humour mildly (I stress mildly) amusing. Anything coming out of his mouth should be taken with a great big pinch of salt. Whilst I enjoy cycling, in the right circumstances I also enjoy driving, and am happy to watch the odd episode of Top Gear.

However, if the parody, that is Jeremy Clarkson, was to create instructional driving videos, this would probably be one of them.

So here is lesson 1 from the Clarkson School of Driving. How to get past a cyclist who is in your way.