Monday 1 February 2010

If Carlsberg made commutes...

The new commute is great. Certainly. However, it isn't perfect. The rural part of it takes in a buy A road whic, in places has limited space for overtaking. The vast majority of drivers are great at giving me room and overtaking when safe to do so, but you do get the odd idiot like this chap.

So today I thought I thought I would try something new. A slightly different route which avoided the problematic A road.


Longer by 1.5 miles (is this actually a downside?!)
Hillier (again, is this really a downside!)
There is a Ford (it's little and I can always lift my legs up and shout weeeeeeee!)
Pothole-ier (this is the onl real downside)


Hardly any cars
Even more rural
More fluffy animals
Great views
Hardly any cars
It'll get me fitter
Some nice downhills
Hardly any cars

So today I tried it. It was one of those days that cylists love. Slightly crisp, frosty, but little ice and hardly any wind. Here is the result

Now ask yourself this.... would you rather drive or cycle?