Friday 18 March 2011

I hit the Tarmac HARD!!


Have I said ouch?!

Two wheels have lots of advantages over four. However, there is one situation where four wheels (or three if you are a trike rider or drive a Robin Reliant!) are definitely better than two.


This morning it was cold, dry, and sunny, perfect weather for cycling. However, I was caught out this morning on a section of road approaching a Ford. I didn't think it was cold enough for ice there, but it appears that it was. The fact that it is quite a steep downhill, requiring judicious braking didn't help...

Ouch! (Have I said that yet?!). 

So what's the damage? 

Well most importantly the bike seems ok. Anything that is broken or hanging off, was broken or hanging off yesterday. A new hole has appeared in my jacket though!

As for me, well, I got a few scrapes and bruises. Here is a quick anatomy lesson...
 A Sore Thigh

 A Sore  Knee

 A Sore Elbow

Still, it could have been worse. Two and a half decades of judo have taught me how to fall. Mind you I did have mats to land on and not tarmac! 



  1. Know how you feel, I went down on the cycle path near Elderslie in the week, snapped one of my front lights but no real damage to me - felt the bike going and put a leg out (hybrids are far more forgiving).

  2. Yep, hit ice and down like a sack of shite! Glad to see you used your body to prevent damaging your bike ;)

  3. Sorry to see this clip, but is it tactless to point out the frost in the field would be a clue that shadows would hold ice? Let's hope the coming winter is nicer to us all.