Wednesday 2 March 2011

Twitter and Trolls

I've joined the wonderful world of twitter!

This is me here.

Say hi!  

It's taken me long enough to get there, and it'll take me a while to become accustomed to compressing my ramblings to a limited number of characters. Hmmm. Maybe reading my limited ramblings there are better than being exposed to my extended ramblings here!

Yesterday someone questioned one of my recent videos, specifically my reluctance to use the cycle lane. Fair enough. The chap is a cyclist, but feels that I should use the cycle lane. I don't agree in this instance, but fair enough. To make his point he decided to post a picture from one of my videos. This one.

this screenshot shows no reason why you shouldn't be further to the left! why are you so far to the right?
Mmm, I thought. I do look a bit far out there, so perhaps I have been a little aggressive there. Mmmm. Best take a look at the video....(I'll let you fast forward to about 2:35, just shortly before the screenshot)

So can anyone come up with any reason why I might be taking a stronger road position? Mmmm.

Beware of trolls and their very selective screenshots!!

1 comment:

  1. I've just come from a rather drawn out discussion with a friend on facebook regarding one of my Youtube clips and my reluctance to use a cycle lane...sometimes it's like talking to a brick wall trying to explain why you didn't use it!