Friday 25 March 2011

Close Passes and Abuse

I had an 'interesting' ride home the other evening. (I'd have posted this earlier had I not had editing problems!)

First I had a very, VERY close pass on a 40mph dual carriage way.

There was absolutely no need for that. I am of a mind to report it, but there is a lot of hassle in reporting incidents like that. You have to either visit the police, or have them visit you which is difficult when you are busy at work and at home.

Oh to have the Roadsafe system like they have in London.

I was in a rush to get home (parents evening at our oldests school), so further on in my commute I took the fast way home. The horrible A road I mentioned in a previous post. Last time I had an excellent overtake. This time I had exactly the same type of overtake in the same place. Again after I had thanked the driver. It does work, perhaps!

However, things went downhill from there. First there was another very close pass. This time by a driver in a company marked van. Not only that, when I caught up....guess what....yes, you've guessed it, he was on his mobile phone!! This one will get reported to his employer.

Then further down the road (there were road works) as I passed said roadworks, keeping up with traffic, I hear someone shouting:

Get off the f*cking road!

At the time I was travelling too fast to see who had shouted it, but looking back at the footage I can see it was one of the road workers! You can see him in this footage. Unfortunately the microphone didn't pick up the comment, so I can't prove anything (and that's why I've not posted the video).

So why did I have all these problems? My theory is that with the brighter evenings and improving weather, drivers feel a little more able to put their foot down a little bit, and feel aggrieved at anything pereceived to be holding them up.

Either that or they are just d*cks...... 


  1. Why did you cross the warning line in order to obtain a look at the driver, then harass him while sitting in the other lane forcing traffic to slow down to pass you safely?

    Police would have used the N/S door.

  2. I checked, there was no traffic coming at that time (there were temporary light sup ahead that were holding up traffic both ways), and when a car did some I moved out of the way. I won;t filter on the left there. If he decided he didn't like me and moved his van towards me, I would have nowhere to go! Always think, escape route!