Sunday 27 February 2011

The Face For Radio....

Some would say I have the face for radio. My wife wouldn't, but then she is a tad biased.

Do I have the voice for radio though?

Going by my occasional high pitched squeals in my youtube videos, perhaps not. Mind you I have had the odd comment about 'wrapping my voice up and taking it home', from my lady viewers, I think!. So I thought it was about time you all heard my voice properly, in normal conversation, under low stress conditions.

Hmmm, Taking part in a 5 Live radio discussion on the Livesey show which, after I had agreed to take part, I was informed was titled 'The War Between Cyclists and Drivers' with self styled petrolhead Steve Berry is low stress isn't it!?! Oh, and add to that I was phoning in from Boston, which I was trying to get home from at the time, having been snowed in for two days.

Oh dear!

Never mind. It was sure to be a balanced discussion, in which Steve was definitely not the type to go for silly point scoring sounbites like, 'registration plates for cyclists' so what could possible go wrong.....

A cycling friend recorded the show here.(He forgot his laughter and comments were being recorded as well!)

Not too bad!!

Still I now have a major claim to fame. No not appearing on the Livesey show. Pah! No my claim  to fame is that one of my comments was used in a trailer for the show (mp3 here). How cool is that!


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