Wednesday 27 July 2011


A couple of things have happened lately that have made me reassess what I have been doing lately. One is private, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. No, my wife hasn't left me....mind you I wouldn't blame her! ;-)

Another was a post made on one of my videos on Youtube. It made me think.

I respected these videos of yours, however upon hearing an increasing number of personal insults ("What does the CK stand for on your registration plate?") in same, I am afraid you are losing your integrity in my eyes. Disappointed you lower yourself to their level, and let's not beat around the bush, that's what you're doing. Pull it together please.

I think the poster was to some extent right. I wouldn't say I was being insulting as such, but I think I was focusing too much on the tit for tat point scoring by making a smart comment. That is not what I am about, or what I stand for.

My aim is to make the roads a safer and happier place, not just for cyclists, but for everyone. Not to get a few pats on the back for being a smart Alec.

So it's back to basics. Post the odd video where I feel people, including myself, can learn from. Campaigning for better and safer roads. Getting more people on bikes.

To start that ball rolling, I've removed a couple of videos that I felt had the wrong focus. Perhaps a few more will come down when I have a chance to look back through them.

Rest assured though, you haven't heard the last of Magnatom.

On that note I need to get to writing about my First Bus meeting.... :-)


  1. Keen to have a deeper discuss of this as I want to take the local gains that meetings like yours secure to the MD of UK bus ops for a National delivery. Scottish pilot can go to major operator for urban bus services. Timing for European Mobility Week could be ideal for end of September and Transport Times has fringe meetings on challenging bus integration issues at party conferences. (need to check Scottish party conferences too)

    (First do urban better than they do rural - often find ex local MD starts up and takes over rural routes eg Western Greyhound/Truronian).

    Did you drive simulator or a real bus? Simulator is good and very realistic but with happy detail that crashing just blanks the screen with a 'kapow' flash and stops the action. Staff can 'insert' a crazy cyclist into the system and steer around in the virtual streets.

  2. Hope you have learnt a lesson David. Not all drivers are as stupid as you try and make them look on your sad videos. I know exactly what your reassessment means and your reasons for keeping it private. I will do decent thing and also keep your work problem private as long as you do the decent thing and remove these videos where your worshipers have been leaving nasty comments about drivers they don't even know. Have a think about that as all this could have been avoided if you had not acted in a certain way last few weeks !!!


  3. I changed my tone on my channel since starting it too. I used to post every red light jump and cell phone driving, which while are still bad things, I keep the negative videos to the most serious instances.. my city has been undergoing change with a city council that has been putting big investments in cycling infrastructure and it gets lots of public attention, and I don't want to scare off new riders in my city so I've focussed more on fun videos and showing cycling routes through the city. But I must thank all of you in the UK for posting your videos of all the dangerous things that come up there as it made me feel safer knowing what hazards to expect while riding around London!

  4. Hey Mags!

    Just a quick wave from one the old CC'ers.

    Interesting post, reading it reminded me of another blog I like that goes along similar lines sometimes, maybe worth a look for you: zenhabits

    Also a quick thanks for the vids and campaigning; - from a long time Cycle chat lurker, I learnt a good few lessons from your vids, and contributions.

    Keep up the good work.