Wednesday 20 July 2011

Social Commuting

Ask cyclists why they enjoy cycle commuting and there are a few common replies, fitness, speed advantage in cities, environment, etc. However, one that is often overlooked is the social aspect.

Take today for instance. Cycling to and from work today I:

Said good morning to a chap who I often see walking his dog (well controlled!)
Said good morning to two gentlemen I often see out for a morning stroll along the local country lanes.
Had a laugh with a driver when he asked, 'why the camera?' 'to catch bad drivers like you!' It was a joke of course!
Had a chat at the traffic lights with a new lady cyclist. Her saddle was too low and she appreciated the advice. She had just started out but was really enjoying it.
Had a 10 minute chat to a cyclist I sometimes see on my commute home. Hi Nick, if you are reading! Hope you pop in! :-)
Said good evening to another dog walker I often see.
Nodded hello to several cyclists that passed in the other direction.
Said thank you to the nice young lady cyclist who slowed to let me pass in the Clyde Tunnel.
Smiled and waved at the little girl who was smiling and waving at me out the window of her daddy's car.
Nodded hello to the young lady jogger who gave me a nice smile back.

This is a typical Glasgow cyclist that it is worth getting social with.....

So I put the question to all of the driving commuters out there: How social has your commuting been today?


  1. If that is a typical Glasgow cyclist, it begs two questions:
    Why is there no Glasgow Cycle Chic blog?
    Does your wife know about this?

  2. There is Glasgow Cycle Chic - 1) look at what Bonnie Bikes is selling, and 2) look at how many Glasgow bikes have those nice jazzy pannier bags.

    Alternatively go for the Fixi-chick look and se what Trakke is making out of old curtainsider sheeting and tarpaulins....

    Oh and Magnatom - where do you find those typical Glasgow cyclists who look like that, albeit the bike could be better looking...

    Better hide behind my cloak of invisibility here I guess.....

  3. There are cyclists like this everywhere in Glasgow. you just have to look...really, really hard...In fact you might need to use binoculars....and you might need to peer in through house windows to see ladies like this who live in a house that has a bike in it somewhere....that makes them a cyclist, doesn't it?!?!

    Oh and you might need to be discreet with the whole binoculars, peering through windows thing.... ;-)

  4. Great post! You're so right. Cycling is very sociable - and much more so that driving a car! I just hope you keep your eyes on the road, too, and not on the legs of all those ladies!

  5. Fiona, I have to be carefully where I look in case my wife looks at any of my videos later... :-o

  6. Very true, even when just out for a pedal you get all that interaction.

    After many years sitting on the M56 I am going to be joing the cycle commuting community from Spetember when school goes back. Not every day as it's 33.5 miles each way (just under 2 hours), but on the strength of the practice rides I've done I can't wait!