Wednesday 13 July 2011

Is this Chap Articulate?

I'm off on holiday at the moment, so no commuting just nowt! It's a mixture of treats for the kids and work in the house and garden. A typical holiday for a family with three young kids! :-)

Anyway, I thought I would break my radio silence for this classic.

A 'chap' has published a couple of comments on two of my videos. They are as follows:

Shouldn't have been cycling in the middle of the road you dumb cyclist twat!! 

Followed by:

You're the dick cyclist, once again you're cycling in the middle of the road - frankly, I hope some driver does aim for you one day to kerb your mouth!


As I had some time tonight (Waiting for my wife to put my youngest down. We are going through a difficult stage at the moment, as she does not like going to sleep in the cot!!), I thought I would search the Youtubers user-name. Not difficult as he was one of those daft Youtubers who used his real name as his Youtube name.


It turns out that this 'chap' does some computery type stuff, 'BMC Remedy ITSM Administrator and Developer.....etc' All very good I'm sure. Has his own web page and everything! :-)

What really tickled my funny bone though was the tag line on his web page, especially considering his comments on my videos. It is as follows:

An adaptable, responsible, enthusiastic, articulate individual capable of developing existing and new innovative ideas...

Responsible and articulate is he? LOL!!!!

Whatever you do, don't google his tagline, as that would take you straight to his website and then you would see how a slight change to his web address would be very appropriate......



  1. Despite your advice, I went ahead and googled the tagline anyway. Lol!

  2. Oh dear, oh dear. You'd think an IT consultant would be more clued up, eh? Great name too. Suits him. As does the fact that he flies model planes adorned with swastikas...

  3. Alex and Grant,

    You are both very naughty! :-)

    I really hope no-one emails him to direct him to this blog post......


  4. When you pop your head above the parapet with comments like his you can't whinge if someone shoots back.

    What does amaze me is how inarticulate an ungrammatical some of the posted comments I read can be, and what a limited lexicon of the language they draw on

  5. I fear I ignored your advice also. Could it be the very same arsehall that almost gives his full address in this article.

    This is my neck of the woods - Maybe I'll pay him a visit and discuss his interest in parawings and insects (we won't bring up cycling maybe).

  6. I won't google him, because the last thing I'd want is to stumble across his LinkedIn page at

  7. So the guy flying planes with swastikas is working for the MOD in Abbeywood, Bristol.

    I wonder if his security clearance picked that up...

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  9. Shame that due to Google's algorithm, you are now out performing him on Google for his own tagline! Whoops.

  10. Cycling in an inconsiderate way, as you do, will unfortunately result in such angry comments.

  11. - you should join forces!