Thursday 19 May 2011

First Bus Incident

I hate the cycle lane here. I've discussed it in this video and I've discussed some problems with cycle lanes here.

Due to the nature of the lane here there are sections I feel forced to use due despite the parked cars and the risk of getting 'squeezed' by traffic coming from behind. Mind you I don't expect to get squeezed by a bus here, especially when there is ample chance for the bus to hang back, and even move over a bit more.

In the incident shown below it actually felt like he was squeezing me in intentionally. Further down the road he definitely started pulling out knowing full well I was overtaking him.

Pause the video at 1:34. The Space between him and the van is the minimum space he should have given me.

Was he teaching me a lesson with his bus, or was it just really bad driving?

I'll be reporting this.


  1. You can clearly hear the bus coming up fast long before it gets to you, you can see that there's a bit of a dodgy narrowing angle ahead - in situations like that I'd slow a little to make sure the bus has passed me before the danger point.

    That said, that's my personal riding style out there in Edinburgh if I sense danger. Doesn't excuse the fact that he drove like a dangerous pillock though, and did seem to cut in when he obviously wasn't checking that he'd cleared you.

  2. I in no way want to condone that but it highlights the problem with cycle lanes. I pretty sure that the driver will be thinking 'I didn't encroach on the cycle lane so all good!'. That pass ws clearly not all good I had a similar pass at a pinch point today - driver defence was that he didn't enter the cycle lane.

  3. I hear you Grant (goo!) but I really thought it was going to hang back. I'm more laid back these days, this was unexpected as the buses are usually good along here. However, it has provided more evidence of the very bad design of that lane. I'm going to be contacting the council....

    Adam, as I've said above, yes it does highlight the issue. Mind you as a single cyclist I'll have no clout with council. Will have to show these vids to the local campaign groups to see if they can back me up.

  4. I'm a cyclist and I think that was poor judgement on your call. I would have slowed right down when i saw that car parked. And you can hear the bus coming but still failed to take notice. Why should the driver need to wait for you and let you pass first when you clearly didn't slow down at the parked car? The driver would have been on the other side of the road if he gave you anymore space.

    I agree there are bad drivers out there, I've seen a few idiots also whilst cycling but I don't think this is the drivers fault at all.

  5. as a bus driver i agree the bus was very close but as you said he didnt encroach into the cycle lane.Could the simple solution be to make the cycle lane a bit wider and also safer cos those roundabout lanes are suicidal.