Tuesday 24 May 2011

Ultimate Helmet Camera Review - Coming Soon!

It's nearly time for The Ultimate Helmet Camera Review....ok, The Almost Ultimate Helmet Camera Review.

On Friday I will be publishing comparative videos from 4 HD cameras in daylight and at after dark. This is to coincide with the publication of a review I have written for Cycle the CTC magazine. The following Friday I will post more detail on my personal opinion of the four cameras, the video quality, usability, etc.

This is no ordinary review.

All of the video footage was collected at the same time. Yes, that means I wore all 4 cameras at the same time and looked an absolute plonker.

Would I still have to point out the camera to naughty drivers?
So if you are thinking about buying a helmet camera (ok you can put them on your handlebars if you must!) then stay tuned. There might even be a discount code or two......

Cameras: POV.HD, Contour GPS, Drift HD170, Dogcam Bullet HD

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