Monday 30 May 2011

Time to Look up Again!

I'm hoping you learned from the last time that when I ask you to look up, I mean look up towards the top of the screen, and not at the ceiling. I won't be supplying the lazy-man option of a link half way down the page this time (15% of you clicked that last time!). You should be fully trained looker uppers now.

So if you didn't see my last look up post, you'll be wondering what the bejeezuz I'm talking about.

Look up. Yes there is a new tab above the advert banner that will take you to part 2 of the Helmet Camera Ultamate ish review thingy. This is the interesting one, as it shows how the cameras cope at night. So if you cycle at all in the dark (you might not if you're scared of monsters) then look up and click.

No-don't worry, there are no monsters in my night time videos. I ran along the route just before hand with a broom and chased them all away. having three young chilren I am an expert with dealing with monsters.


I must admit I have fibbed once in this blog.......No don't worry, not about there being no monsters in the videos....about supplying a link.

Mind you I never said anything about there not being monsters in this blog. Best click the link now just in case one turns up.....

The new tyres from Wiggle didn't roll well, but they tasted great.

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