Tuesday 17 May 2011

Must Squeeeeze Past Cyclist

Oh look. There is a gap. It might be a bit of a squeeze, but, what the heck, it's only a cyclist......

This particular A road is not my favourite. I tend to avoid it unless I am in a rush to get home. It's ok, but not always the most fun to cycle on because you get impatient drivers who just can't wait to get past, squeezing through when there just isn't the space.

This particular squeeeeze might not look that bad on video.

However that is because both myself and the oncoming driver had anticipated the stupidity and braked enough to let them pass. Had we not.......it's best not to think about that.

All for what, a minute or so off their journey? 

Mind you, it was just a cyclist they were squeezing past........

(Note: When there is lots of oncoming traffic and overtaking opportunities are few and far between, I do pull over to the side occasionally to let cars pass). 


  1. He was cutting it pretty fine!

  2. Indeed he was.

    Zabio, I haven't forgotten my promise to make a donation. This month just ended up tighter for cash than expected. Donation will be on its way come pay day! :-)

  3. Oops! Zarbio of course! :-)

  4. Nice road surface there as well, I can see why you'd avoid it!

  5. I have the same on the stretch of A road I commute on. And they drive straight at HGV's....!

  6. Of all the common silly driver actions, it's the squeeze that annoys me the most. It's malicious, it's done with intent, it's never a human error, a mistake or a lapse of concentration, it's always a case of the driver wanting to put their own desire to be ahead in front of your own safety.