Tuesday 10 May 2011

Where Did My Back Wheel Go?

I was really enjoying this mornings commute. I was even thinking about a new post extolling the virtues of cycling, when something went horribly wrong.

Approaching the Canniesburn Roundabout in Glasgow. The ground is wet, but no rain is falling. I see a van on the roundabout indicating to come off at the proceeding exit. Turns out it is the next exit he wants.

No problem, plenty of room to stop.....Thud.

I completely lost traction on the back wheel. Not sure why, but I suspect diesel.

For those that don't like me: It hurt. It hurt quite a bit. Ouch!

For those that like me: I wear my Road Rash as a badge...with pride!

For the Anatomically Challenged - This is a sore thigh.


Ride safe!


  1. Thank goodness the bike was safe!

    Looks like the traffic remained calm and held back, too. I'd say that your record of a weeks without incident in still intact!

    Bon courage for the rr recovery.

  2. Hey Chris! Didn't know you were following this! I hear you are back in Paris!

    Are you still blogging? I've lost the link (and login?)

  3. Hi! I'm starting bike commuting here in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and I enjoy watching your videos. Keep going!