Saturday 2 April 2011

Very Close HGV - Company Reply

On Friday I received a reply from the company I complained to earlier in the week. The following is the reply from the company (anonymised)

Thank you for your email, the footage of which we have viewed.

I can confirm it is our company logo on the vehicle, albeit we are
unable to identify clearly the registration.  We will, however, check
which specific drivers were on that stretch of road at the time of the

As a Company we expect all our drivers (HGV and Transit Van) to
undertake their duties to a very high standard, combined with due care
and attention to all vehicles/cyclists on the roads.  

It is not very often we receive a complaint or concern relating to any
of our HGV's, as these drivers are all very experienced.

It is Company's Policy to take Disciplinary Action against an employee
resulting in any incident like this, or who may fall below company

We intend now to have a refresher 'method statement talk' with all
drivers following your correspondence.

Yours sincerely

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.


  1. Seems a reasonably positive reply. A "refresher" talk to /all/ their drivers isn't a bad outcome...

  2. That sounds like a great reply to me. I've only made one complaint to a company, but several compliments, but I've never gotten a response to any.

  3. My initial reading was the reply was positive. Having read it again, I think it is far less so. The company fail to accept the specific driving was poor / dangerous and fail to even offer an apology. In fact this reads as if the company were thinking "Let's just agree with the nutter on the bike so he leaves us alone" (I'm not calling Magnatom a nutter BTW!) The "continually agree with the other party" (I think the technique is called Handling) is fairly common and fairly obvious. If the company carry out their promise of a refresher talk that is a positive outcome, but I maintain the written response was poor.