Monday 18 April 2011

ASDA's Reply to My Letter of Compliment

Here is the reply I received from ASDA from the letter of 'compliment' I sent last week

Thank you for your email about our HGV driver.

I'm so pleased that you found that our HGV driver was such a skilled considerate driver.  As a cyclist myself, I know what you mean about drivers getting too close so its great to hear that our drivers take care on the roads.

I will pass your email on to the driving team, however I'm not sure without a registration number that they will be able to pin point the actual driver.  I will do my best however to make sure it reaches the right team.

Your website sounds very interesting and I will have  look when I get home this evening, unfortunately I am unable to access external websites from work.  

Thank you once again for your compliment and your positive publicity of our drivers, it is as all compliments are, very appreciated.  If I can be of any more help please let me know.

Kind regards


Mmm. Can I think of any other way they can help me....? :-)

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