Monday 4 April 2011

Very Close HGV - Follow Up Reply

Following the reply from the HGV company regarding my incident, I have decided to enter further correspondence. Here is the letter I have sent to the company.

Thank you very much for your reply last week. Could I just clear one thing up that wasn't entirely evident from your e-mail: I assume you and your company agree that the driving was below acceptable driving standards? Could I also clarify why you could not identify the registration of the vehicle? I provided it to you in my original e-mail and if you listen to the video I shout it as the HGV passes by. Also, in my original raw footage it is possible to read the plate. Just to confirm it is SF55AOC. I assume given this, and the tachograph recordings from the HGV should enable you to identify the individual involved.

I am pleased that you will be conducting a 'method statement talk'. I'd be interested to know what form the talk would take ( will this form part of your 35 hour vocational CPC training?). In fact I wonder if you would be interested in going one step further.

I recently came across this article discussing an initiative led by the Mineral Products Association ( In this cyclists were encouraged to learn more about HGV visibility, and allowed the MPA and the companies that took part to learn the views and concerns of cyclists.

It is my understanding that HGV interaction are one of the biggest killers of cyclists, sometimes through the cyclists own fault, sometimes the drivers, so initiatives like this are excellent in raising awareness of the safety issues for cyclists and HGV drivers alike.

Taking part in a scheme like this would not only be excellent in raising safety awareness, but it would provide your company with positive publicity which I am sure would do no harm to your business. I would happily contact the MPA and my contacts in the press to investigate the practicalities of taking part.

Please let me know if you are interested in this initiative. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

I will of course keep my blog up to date with any replies. 

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