Thursday 20 February 2014

Turning the Volume to 11

Almost two years ago after having discussed a crazy idea with two other crazy cycle campaigners I posted this blog. This blog shared the crazy idea that it might be worth 'riding on Holyrood' to send a message to politicians that cycling safety mattered.

Totally crazy.

Perhaps, we thought, a few hundred folk would turn up, we'd make a point and perhaps we'd make an inch or so in a couple of papers. It would almost certainly be a one off.

Here we are two years later, with two POPs behind us, (3000 and 4000 attending), with a reversal in the fortunes of cycle infrastructure funding in Scotland (now increasing instead of decreasing) and a government who now understand that cycling can't just be ignored.

Time to call it a day and quit while we are ahead?

Ahead?!? AHEAD?!?

Not a chance!

The reality is that last year we had an increase in cycling deaths on our roads, and there has been little or no change in the road environment with the government is only investing a fraction of what is actually required. Yes there has been an increase in funding, but it still only amounts to a small pile of crumbs.

Change doesn't happen overnight, but one thing that is certain is that change does happen if we make a lot of noise. We just haven't made quite enough noise yet. How do we make more noise?

We need you.

In fact we need you and your friends. need you and your friends friends. We need you and your family. We need you and your work colleagues. We need you and every single person you can muster.

We need you to spread the word as far and as wide as you can, that if we turn up outside Holyrood in such large numbers that the noise becomes deafening, we can at last start Scotland's transition to a cycle friendly nation.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE come to #POP2014. Please PLEASE, PLEASE spread the word any way you can, be it by social media, or carrier pigeon.

Please help us make Scotland, independent or not, a nation to be proud of. A cycle friendly nation.

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