Monday 3 February 2014

Fastlink Cycle Provision Update

As I have discussed the Fastlink plans previously, I thought I'd pass on this message sent to me from Glasgow City Council.

This specific message was in response to my objection to the Squinty Bridge plans. These plans were removing the right to allow cyclists to use the bus lanes over the bridge. Cyclists would instead have to take a long and shared use route via the Bell's bridge instead.

The e-mail was as follows:

Dear Dr Brennan

With reference to the undernoted enquiry I confirm that a number of objections have been received regarding cycling provision along the route of the Fastlink Core Route. The objections received will now be assessed to determine if the objection raised is valid. Assessment of the received objections will require time to complete and it is proposed now to undertake this task. On completion of the assessment I propose to respond to this enquiry providing full details of the assessment and amendments to the proposals if required.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly...

Jim Fleming
Project Manager
Land and Environmental Services

Interestingly, this reply does not just mention the Squinty Bridge (otherwise known as the Finnieston Bridge or Clyde's a bridge of many names....) specifically, but instead mentions cycling provision along the route of the Fastlink Core Route

It would appear that Jim Fleming is in charge of this project. Therefore, if you think there are any issues with the cycling provision along this route (you can find the full plans here), then this might be the person to contact. Whilst this particular consultation has ended, there may still be time to register your comments about the cycling provision in general. 

Jim, who's e-mail is already advertised on the city council's web site, can be contacted here ( It wouldn't do any harm to send him a wee e-mail, would it?



  1. That is an unbelievably long-winded officialese packed email.

  2. Standard reply - I got the exact same with my name in it.

  3. That has to be the most circuitous way of saying "I'll get back to you" imaginable.

  4. That's basically saying "we'll look into it but by the time we do, the work will be complete and thus set in stone / tarmac and it'll be too late to change anything. Cycling? Why don't you just take the (Fastlink (tm)) bus instead?"