Friday 24 February 2012

Safe Cycling Scotland

The vastly overdue revolution in UK road use has begun. It has been coming for years now and many of us (I'd like to think I played a teeny weeny part) have been pushing for this for many years.

However, revolutions do not happen by themselves. They only happen through the will of the people. The Times Cycle Safe Campaign has been been an excellent catalyst over the last few weeks, bringing together all the many campaign groups and cyclists under one single campaign. Cities Fit For Cycling.

Yes, the campaign is not perfect, it needs moulding and tweaking. That's fine, and that is where the hard work will be over the coming years. However, it is a great starting point and a springboard for radical change.

The LCC has made a call  for cyclists from across the UK to congregate on London to show support for 'safe and inviting streets for cycling'. I fully support this. However, having look at the train fares and considered my options for getting my bike and self to London as cheaply and easily as possible I have admitted defeat. I just can't do it.

However, that does not have to be the end of the story, or the end of the story for anyone else too far north to get to London. Scotland has it's own parliament, it's own funding, it's own priorities. The worry is that unless we do something ourselves, the events of our more southerly friends will pass us by.

So, lets not let it pass us by. Let us ride on our parliament in Edinburgh. Let us show politicians north of the border that our appetite for better roads, roads for people, that people want to use, is as strong as it is in London and England.

Glasgow in 2020?

So lets ride on Hollyrood on the 28th of April to show the strength of supporting Scotland for safe and inviting streets. Not just for cyclist, for everyone.

Of course this is just the start of an idea for now. There are already other campaigners willing to help take this forward, who you will also hear from soon. However, we will need help. So if you are able and willing to help let me know via my website or twitter.

Lets show the politicians of Scotland that it's time to give the roads back to the people.


  1. Great plan! The London flash ride was really fired up on Twitter between Cameron's statement about "taking your life in your hands" at PMQs and the start of the debate in Westminster Hall 3 hours later. There were an estimated 1,500 riders. OK the TV coverage started by saying several hundred and end by say between one and two thousand, they were taken by surprise at the turn out.

    We have just over two months to get people enthused, gulp, that means we must get more out on the streets...

  2. Kim Was that the Ride the night before (depart from The Mall 18.30 returning 19.30?) I was (just) about on this having dashed back from Gatwick to collect my bike and then get to Central London - late train connection meant I rode to Westminster from Finsbury Park, and connected with the ride returning over Westminster Bridge.

    Very efficiently managed by Police on bikes and assisting corker crew. the ride was alternately held back at some red lights and then passed as a single block with the authority of a Police Officer, as I had to tell one pedestrian who railed at all these cyclists jumping the red light.

    Could we rely on similar performance from Edinburgh's finest.

  3. There is a first draft of our manifesto for safer cycling here (note the wording has now changed but the ideas remain the same) and a new website will be launched on Monday, won't it Dave...