Friday 3 June 2011

Delay in Part 3 Review

I was planning on publishing the final part of the Helmet camera review today. However, for two reasons I'm delaying it.

The first and most trivial reason is I've been busy! That's what having 3 kids and a full time job do for you!

However, the real reason is that I bought one of the cameras, the Contour GPS. At first things were great, but now I'm not so sure.The camera has been very temperamental, especially since the last firmware upgrade (1.15). It keeps hanging and crashing, and doesn't always charge the battery correctly. This issue may be solved in the next firmware upgrade soon, however until then I'd suggest that you don't buy the Contour GPS.

Contour are renowned for their customer support, so I am hopeful. However, it does seem that they release products and firmware far too quickly and don't do enough beta testing. Perhaps the Contour GPS was a beta test for the Contour+ that has just been released in the US and will be released here in the UK shortly.

On a happier note, DogCamsport have sent me a DogCam HD Wide to test. I'm still testing it at the moment, but I think it is a better option than the DogCam HD that I tested previously. Watch this space for a full review.

This morning I was glad to be testing the DogCam HD wide. My Contour just would'nt switch on, so having the DogCam meant I managed to catch some interesting footage. you might even hear me sing...... :-o

More soon......


  1. Hi, i need an affordable HD cam for filming cycling in France this summer. Was thinking of getting the DogCam but your review in the CTC mag was pretty bad. Is the widescreen better? Looking on the net it looks a bit "fisheye" if you know what i mean for indoor shots, but mine will all be outside so that shouldn't be a problem - doesn't appear to be an issue in your boy racer VT for example. Any thoughts please let me know. Cheers.

  2. Hi Magnatom,

    I've been following your review of the 4 cams. You mentioned that you recently also got to test the DogCam HD Wide.
    Do you reckon that you'll be able to finish the review (ie. that the Contour problems will be resolved) any time soon?

    If not, would you mind letting us know whether or not you recommend the DogCam HD Wide over the regular DogCam?

    Sorry for the impatience ;).