Wednesday 22 June 2011

Cars often disappear into the distance....

I find that cars often disappear into the distance. As my five year old son is often heard saying, 'it's just not fair!!'.

If only the journey to work could be a little smoother and a good deal quicker the world would be just that little bit better.

But what can be done?How could I possibly stop hundreds of cars disappearing off into the horizon ever day?

I suppose......I could cycle a bit slower......

EDIT: I've just noticed. I passed my wife driving the car in that queue. Brilliant! :-)


  1. HAHA you passed your wife bet she wasn't to happy to be left behind :)

  2. :-) She just laughed when she found out I hat put the video online. She find that fact that people like watching my videos a bit puzzling! :-)

  3. Your videos are great. Your a great representative for us cyclists and the fact we have people like you sticking up for us and trying to improve peoples driving makes the roads safer all round. I think I will be buying a contour GPS soon after a recent incident. I know the time will come when I really need the video evidence as I am hooked for like now lol!

  4. Thanks for the comments Danny. I'm certainly not perfect, but I try and do my bit. It's nice to get positive feedback to balance the negative! :-)

  5. No problem as I always think even if you have one person that follows you positively and enjoys your content it's worth continuing. BTW does the GPS come with the helmet mounting strap out the box?

  6. Oi! Your not the only one who likes what I do! ;-)

    The GPS doesn't come with helmet strap. I use a supplied flat surface sticky to mount on top (enough flat surface). I'm not sure how long it will hold though!

    Be careful what card you get for it and make sure you format it the way that contour suggest (look at the contour support web pages).

  7. Lol. Ok thanks. It seems you are outnumbered on your videos lately though which is crap!