Tuesday 3 February 2015

Day In The Life: Glasgow Cycle Lanes

I've not been alone complaining about the state of Glasgow's cycle lanes recently. There are the standard complaints of poor design, poor implementation and poor connection, however, recently we have added, poor maintenance. It would appear that our cycle lanes are at the bottom of the rung when it comes to keeping them clear.

One lane I fell off on, due to wet, mushy leaves has not been touched, despite my fall and despite me reporting it to the council and Frank almost a month ago!

So the time for action has arrived.

A cycle friendly city?

Do you cycle in Glasgow? Will you be cycling on Thursday? Do you have a camera, a mobile phone with a camera or a helmet camera?

Yes, it's short notice, but if you happen to be out on your bike (or just passing by on foot), why not take a picture or a video of a Glasgow cycle lane. Let us know why you want this lane recorded for #glasgowcycleinfraday. It may be because it is full of debris, or full of cars. It may be because it leads no-where, or starts and stops in the middle of no-where. It may be because it hasn't been cleared of ice, or that it has a road sign or a bus shelter plonked in the middle of it. It might even be...shock horror...that this particular lane is a rare example of a good one!

Let's make make Thursday 5th February a day where take a snapshot of the cycle infrastructure of Glasgow. Let's give them a 'lasting legacy', a day in the life of Glasgow cycle lanes.

We can then ask them.....

Are these the lanes of an award winning cycling city? Would you let you kids cycle there? Why won't you set aside some of your transport budget for active travel, when Edinburgh seems capable of doing it?

How do we collate the videos and photos?

If you are on Twitter you could use the hashtag #glasgowcycleinfraday when you post an example. Or you could contact me via my contact page, either with a link to your photo or video, or I could give you an e-mail address to send it on to. Or, you could post it in the comments section below this blog.

Once we have some videos and pictures collected I'd pass them on to the council for a response. Sure, it will probably be the same, 'we are doing really well' gibberish, but we'd once again be reminding the politicians that we are a noisy bunch, who won't go away until things improve.....drastically.

Get yer bike oiled, your camera memory card cleared and your route planned. Let's make this a bumper #glasgowcycleinfraday!

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  1. Howzabout instead of just highlighting the problems we get organised and sort out the routes ourselves?