Monday 9 February 2015

Glasgow Cycle Infrastructure Day: The Truth.

Last week, at very short notice I suggested that we have a Glasgow Cycle Infrastructure Day on Twitter and Facebook.

A what?

Yes a cycle infrastructure day.

In effect, it was a day for a number of different cyclists to take photos and videos of the cycle infrastructure that they came across, good or bad. A snapshot of cycling infrastructure in Glasgow, the award winning cycling city......

Umm, errr....award winning??

If you read this blog at all, you will know I'm not normally short of words, but for once I'm going to say very little. The images and videos (they are at the end of the list) say it all.

I'll be sending this list to Frank at the council shortly. He never replied to any of the tweets. Feel free to write to Frank yourself if you've been moved by what you see, or keep this page bookmarked for the next time a politician says how great Glasgow is for cycling.

Oh and if you like infrastructure bingo, Bike Gob has it covered

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