Thursday 2 February 2012


Today I found out that a driver who I reported to the police has been successfully charged and prosecuted. I am very happy.

Very happy?!? Very happy about someone being prosecuted?!?

Yes I am. However, the reason I am happy is not because a heavy fine was slapped on the driver, or they lost their licence. In fact I am happy, because quite the opposite happened.

Instead they attended and completed a Driver Improvement Course. In my eyes, that is a result!

This is the incident in question.

What was interesting about the police follow up of this incident was the drivers reaction to the police arriving at their door.

You're here about the cyclist I nearly knocked over, aren't you?

According to the police that was the first thing they said. Apparently they then suggested that they had felt bad about the incident afterwards and were sorry about the way they drove. Of course, it is easy to say that when the police come to your door, but I suspect that it was genuine. After all, we can all (even I!) make mistakes.

I suspect that this is one driver who will give cyclists plenty of space in the future. That is the true measure of success.


  1. That's great that your law enforcement was willing to go that extra mile/kilometer to follow up on the too-close overtake. As you've indicated, the driver took the improvement course and one would hope that it means a safer driver on the road as a result.

    I could hear the adrenaline rush in your voice during the overtake and have experienced the same feelings, from a driver who started a safe lane change, then returned to my lane to intentionally make a close pass. Unfortunately, local law enforcement here assesses such actions a zero priority (signal 14, information report) and nothing happened.

    Congratulations on a positive result.

  2. Shame they didn't take the same approach with the tanker driver, still at least that is one driver who should think a little more in future.

  3. Talking to a mate of mine who manages a bikeshop recent, asking why its SOO difficult for a car driver to not move a steering wheel an inch or two, to the right n check a mirror and pass a cyclist ALL whilst sitting on their fat backside/s....

    I've drove and its a great experience BUT to not respect or give way to a fellow human is crucifiable in my eyes !


  4. Nice one. Saw some footage on breakfast TV on BBC1 today. I've been thinking about using cameras when I'm cycling here in York. Do you have any good advice on devices/mounting etc?
    Here we have a particular problem with very aggressive bus & taxi drivers and I've had many an incident like yours, often while riding in an on-road 'cycle lane'. Usually when challenged they tell me to f*** off or whatever. Having the evidence would certainly help nail these callous gits.
    Before moving up north I lived & daily cycled 15+ years in central London and, without a doubt, York roads are far more dangerous.

  5. Out of interest, how did you initiate contact with the police?