Wednesday 29 February 2012

Safe Cycling Scotland - Update

Only a few days ago I was daft enough to stick my neck out and suggest we should have a big ride in Scotland on the 28th of April. That ride would be a demonstration that  Scotland's, cyclists, potential cyclists and pedestrians felt that it was time that their needs were taken seriously and catered for by our institutions. 

London is planning a ride, and I felt Scotland should not be left behind. It is time to take the message directly to the politicians in Holyrood.

Well I can confirm that a fantastic band of volunteers have been brought together to bring this to reality. I once was taught 'Surround yourself with people who are better than you'. That has been achieved! (No comments about how easy that would be, please! )

There will be a ride in Edinburgh on the 28th of April! 

Of course a lot of work needs to happen between now and then. We need a dedicated website, we need a route, we need publicity, we need a manifesto.

It's all coming. There will be a website, a Facebook page, a twitter account etc.

Of course we always need more help and more support, so if you think you can helps us in any way (ranging from strategic planning right through to handing out leaflets) let me know via my contact page.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all on the 28th of April!


  1. definitely up for the ride on Edinburgh on the 28th and supporting it happening.

    can spare some time in the lead up to help with getting the word out there.

    how hard is it to confirm those words in the identification bit btw!

  2. I'll do my best to be there. If one of your volunteers has the skills to create an A4 poster then I'd happily print some off and hang them around Stirling Uni.

  3. My go pro will be in Edinburgh on the 28th. Hope to be riding over from Glasgow (with a few others) and possibly back again. Robojimpip.

    1. Thanks guys for the support. I might even see you there, although I hope it will be too busy to find you. :-)