Thursday 4 June 2015

The Failure of Justice

Back in July 2014 I had a horrible commute to work. The following two incidents happened within minutes of each other.

Without hesitation I took both to the police. Both drivers were charged with dangerous driving. I later heard that the PF agreed and both were set to appear in court charged with dangerous driving.

I can now reveal that both cases were dismissed, one on the day of the trial and one the day before.

I have heard an unofficial reason for one (the 4x4) of them being dropped and I am awaiting an official response on that. I know that it was a 'technicality'. I'll write more about that when I know more. The other (private hire car) I only heard about today. All I know is that the case is closed. Again, as soon as I know more I will share it.

I am of course livid. The driving in both these incidents was without doubt (in my opinion) dangerous, but both drivers are, as far as I am aware, still driving.

Well done justice. Well done.


  1. Totally disgraceful that these drivers are not having their day in court, let alone any kind of punishment for that driving! This is where the contract between us and the legal system to mete out justice for us is failing. And the 4x4 driver sounded and acted like he was stoned!

    1. Aye. I'll keep fighting on. I have a couple of court cases still to come, anda few more going through the system.

  2. Nice one! Get it round you magnatom!!!