Monday 4 February 2013

A Day in Amsterdam

Wow. Just wow.

I had the privilege of spending a day in Amsterdam in some great company. I spent a day with David Miller of the BBC, Doug the camera man (Eek, I didn't get his last name, sorry) and Gerrit Faber of Fietsersbond (The Dutch Cyclists Union).

What a day.

It was memorable for many reasons, including the rain and the cold. However, as the main purpose of visiting Amsterdam was to produce some footage that BBC Scotland I'll hold off sharing my experiences until the item has shown.

When is it on?

The plan is for BBC Scotland to cover the issue of cycle safety and cycling infrastructure over the course of Thursday the 7th February. There are plans for a discussion on Good Morning Scotland, Reporting Scotland, and Newsnight Scotland. Barring any major breaking news it should air as planned.

Don't worry though, I have plenty of thoughts that I want to share here with you guys about what I saw, what I didn't see, what I experienced, and what I didn't experience.

In the mean time, here are some photos I took with my phone (no sneaky looks at my helmet footage just yet!). Hopefully it will whet your appetite....

Doug hard at work filming the school run.

There's never enough parking outside schools....

My main bike for the day.

BBC Scotland's Transport for the day (I had a go later)

At Fietsersbond with our guide for the day Gerrit Faber

Not just for cyclists and pedestrians, surely?!?

You wait years for bike parking, then 2500 come at once.

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