Sunday 22 April 2012

Pedalling with One Voice

It started back in February, only about 2 months ago. I realised that there was an opportunity to do something. Possibly something significant.

I had an idea.

OK, it wasn't particularly original to organise a ride on parliament. In fact it was very much inspired by The Big Ride, but it still felt that I was sticking my neck out a bit. I made a 'call to arms' that could very well have been laughed at and ignored. Amazingly it wasn't and from very early on, everyone who I mentioned it to thought, 'yeah, that's a good idea', 'why not', I'm up for that'.

So Pedal on Parliament was born.

Once it is all over there is a lot I'll want to share with you all about the journey from start to finish. It's been an amazing journey. However, it is worth recapping now, where we are.

We have an excellent organising team, a website, a twitter account with plenty of followers, excellent posters and leaflets, a growing petition, a band of enthusiastic organisers, a poem, a song, the support of Mark Beaumont, Sir Chris Hoy, and Graeme Obree. We have had lots of press coverage, we have MSP supporters, we have been mentioned positively in a parliamentary debate, we have two separate supporting motions in parliament....and we have an event in Edinburgh on the 28th of April.

It has been amazing.

However, what does it all mean? Will it make a difference?

I think it can, but, we still need your help. The parliamentary motions have good intentions and are certainly welcomed, but as yet, we do not have anything new. There is no new funding. Without funding for cycle infrastructure, we will never truly have roads safe for everyone.

We NEED as many people to sign our petition and turn up on the day, come rain or shine. Politicians listen to numbers. They listen when large groups of people, from different walks of life come together with one voice, and that is what Pedal on Parliament is all about.

Pedal on Parliament is giving power to your voice. If you believe in what we are saying, if you believe in our manifesto, if you believe that Scotland can indeed become a 'Cycle Friendly Nation' then join us on Saturday and your voice will be heard.

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  1. Given the mess of taking a large group from the Forth Bridge to Edinburgh on single carriageway roads with junctions to manage, I do hope that the option to convoy the mass ride down the A90 is considered - this is how groups are taken through the Dartford Tunnel