Saturday 14 April 2012

Pedalling away, furiously

You may have noticed my blog has been a little quiet lately. Don't panic, normal service will be resumed....after April the 28th. Yes, you may have noticed I've been a bit busy organising Pedal on Parliament.

It is going very well at the moment, with lots of expression of interest in the day itself. We are hoping for a good turn out on the day. Of course, hope on it's own
wont make POP successful. It's taking a lot of hard work from the POP team to spread the word!

Myself, Sally and Kim from team POP
Today we went to the Scottish Bike Show, expecting to leaflet outside. However, very kindly the organisers let us in and to set up a table. Many thanks! It turned out to be an excellent day with loads of people chatting to us and showing interest. What was most pleasing was that a lot of people had already heard about us. We must be doing something right! We also got about 200 signatures for our petition.

We also got support from a well know lady mountain biker (Hannah Barnes) who said:

The Pedal on Parliament manifesto HAS to happen! Making the road safe will get everyone out on their bikes.

Exactly. Our manifesto will definitely help encourage many people out on their bikes. We spoke to many people today who would like to cycle on the road, but felt it wasn't safe. Make it safe, and feel safe and people will take to their bikes.

I also got chatting to Michael MacLeod from STV Local. We chatted about the day and about POP and this is the result.  

We really do have a chance to make Scotland a cycle friendly nation. We just need to convince our politicians to take the leap of faith.

Help us to do that. Support Pedal on Parliament.

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