Tuesday 10 January 2012

HGV incident

I'd be interested in your thoughts about this video.

Please feel free to leave your comments here or on my YouTube channel.

I'll write a lot more detail about this incident shortly. It might take a day or so though, as there is a lot to it. It might even be followed up by a guest blog by a Traffic Police officer.

Watch this space.


  1. Very scary. I assume that an appropriate Traffic Infringement Notice will be given to the driver of the truck.

    Here in Western Australia I have experienced car drivers behaving something like this and the result for one was a $600 fine.

    The only thing I can suggest from your perspective is to be as aware as possible of the possibility of this happening which you seem to do anyway. Nothing to be gained from being dead right.

    In closing I am glad you survived that okay and I hope that the Police treat it as a very serious matter.

    Safe riding

  2. It's like deja vu all over again. You were lucky he was taking a wider line than the last one.

    Clearly it's *something* to do with the layout of that roundabout - your and their entry roads are quite close together, so there's a more extreme angle to look for stuff entering the roundabout.

    My only guess is that means less observation time -> failure to judge your speed -> guessing that bike = slow = ignore = go, go, go.

  3. A very scary incident. Astonishingly bad driving by that truck driver. Thankfully you were alert and fast to respond which preserved your life.

    I've encountered similar incidents myself on roundabouts. You have to really keep your wits about you to survive on Britain's roads amid such bad driving.

  4. De ja vu, Dave. Is that the same roundabout ? If you can get access to accident stats, see if its a common theme. If so its something clearly wrong with the layout or the drivers approach, perhaps more deflection is needed to reduce speed or perhaps there is something at HGV drivers eyeline causing the problem.


  5. Looking at the Google Street View of the truck's approach there is a great big road sign that looks like it creates a blind spot about the size of a cyclist.

    The google streetview camera is high up on a car so might be a similar height to a lorry cab? What's the approach like in real life?

  6. Dave,

    Don't keep us in suspense. What happened?

  7. The video is now private due a change of heart from the police. I will blog about this when I can.

  8. That's a relief, I thought my comments had something to do with it!
    Note to self: it's not all about me.
    Keep us updated, Dave.

  9. Nah. Easy enough just to delete your comments. ;-)

    You need to get on Twitter.