Friday 20 January 2012

Driving Dystopia

I've now got video adverts on some of my videos. Not on any of my incident videos, i.e. videos that focus on specific drivers or cars, they will always remain free of adverts. I have them on my general videos. Not that I make much money of course. I'm still waiting to get past the payment threshold. I don't expect to give up my day job anytime soon!

Oh and before anyone asks I will pay tax on any earnings...if I ever get any!!

I was looking at one of my videos the other day, a video of me filtering past about 2.5 miles of stationary traffic. I couldn't help laugh at the video that had been selected by Google to play at the start of mine. It was of course a car advert. It was for a Nissan Qashqai car that I would never consider buying. What was most amusing was the contrast of the advert to my video.

In the advert the Nissan car drives along deserted roads. No other cars to be seen (except in one scene where there is a nice free-flowing section of motorway/highway). I must admit the roads looked a joy to drive and it probably would be fun to drive a car in conditions like that.

Then my video starts, and reality sets in. There I am on my bike, filtering past hundreds of stationary cars, all held up by the hundreds of stationary cars in front of it, which are held up by hundreds of stationary cars in front of them.

Not quite the Driving Utopia suggested by the advert.

I may have passed this car on a road that was a little bit busier.

So advertisers...if you want to sell more cars off the back of my videos, you might want to focus more on features that make it a little less stressful being stuck in a long queue of traffic......

Buy one Nissan Qashqai and get one commuting bike, free....

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