Friday 11 November 2011

Cyclist Scum

Cyclist scum?! That is exactly what a lady driver appeared to think of me.

I was actually quite shocked at this interaction with a driver for a few reasons. Firstly, I have been having great commutes for the last few weeks, so this has unfortunately ended my good run. It came out of he blue. Secondly, I have no idea why she reacted the way she did I did not holder her up. The large queue that I filtered past may have held her up, but I didn't, certainly no more than a few seconds. Lastly, she didn't look the aggressive sort, but as you'll see from this video she was particularly aggressive and most shockingly, full of contempt for me.


A cyclist DARED to speak to her and question her.

See for yourself....


  1. That is a classic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha ha one can only assume that she is a little unstable!

  3. Classic Glaswegian responses, I love it!

    Why anyone puts sits in a tin can in that traffic queue day after day is beyond me - it would drive me absolutely insane.

    That's the same place I had a guy explain to me that "You'll end up killing yourself if you cycle like that on this road" - I believe that was just the usual lack of understanding of why I was in primary though.

  4. I hope you know what you started back there :-)


  5. Back where? ;-)

    I glance at theme thread every so often. I think its reasonable to be curious when people are talking about you!,

    I hear what you are saying Crackle. I often question what I do as well. I'll blog about it sometime. In the meantime I find Twitter far friendlier and easier to filter. :-)