Tuesday 22 November 2011

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

As a follow on from my previous blog I thought I should be as open as possible about the videos where I have made mistakes. So he is my list of videos where I either admitted I made a mistake from the start, realised later that I made a mistake, or more spectacularly, I crashed!

This will probably be a blog that my haters enjoy!

Crash 1
Filtering mistake
Undertaking an HGV
Blocking a car
Crash 2
Crash 3
Overtaking mistake
Almost a crash!
Cutting up a car
I hit a car!
Crash 4
My sheep incident
Lucky escape
Almost hit a car
Clipless Moment
Crash 5 (Ouch!)
Crash 6

I should point out that the above videos have occured over a 4 year period!

I try to be honest about my mistakes. I also try and learn from them. All I ask of other road users is that you do the same.


  1. I very much like the clipless one! I've had far too many gracefull "timber!" moments! My favourite was into a bush on a muddy trail on my mtb.....!

  2. The 'sheep incident' clip is the same as the one above it... you might want to correct that.

  3. 6 crashes in four years..? You need to work on your bike handling ;)

    The 'lucky escape' video is absolutely terrifying - Still can't work out how you got away with that one.