Sunday 17 August 2008

Skin is Waterproof

It was pouring down just before I left to go home, and although it has eased a bit by the time I set off it was still raining pretty heavy.

Anyway I go into the Clyde Tunnel cycle path and when I get to the bottom it is flooded above waist height. I know this, because ahead of me is a cyclist wading through it with the water nearly up to his handlebars! I shouted some encouragement and he shouted back with some amusing comments. I decided against it (not good for the bike I would imagine and who knows what's in that water!) so I go back to check out the second tunnel.

On the way down a couple of local lads shout to me to warn me there is possible a small puddle at the bottom. We get chatting, decent enough blokes and I head on. Get to the bottom, same story, totally flooded. Head back up, let the lads know about it, who are on their way down (so why did they think it was a small puddle?!?).

'Oh maaan, wit we gonne daay nooo....' was their reply (or something similar!)

So I have to take the long route. Adds a few more miles. Oh well, I'm quite enjoying the cycle now. Very sociable! See another cyclist heading to the tunnel, let them know about the flooding. Carry on.

Further on I come across a flooded road. I decide to dismount and walk around the flood (ok I might cycle on the path a wee bit!), but as I do, I see a young girl (in her 20's) running through the middle of it, having great fun. I shout over

'Very liberating!'

So she starts chatting to me as well, telling me how much fun she is having!!

Great commute! Got in with a smile on my face. Had I been in a car, I would have missed all of this and probably been miserable looking out at the rain.

Of course, I have all of this on camera, and when I get a chance to edit it all I will post it!

I love cycle commuting!

Anyway here is the video


  1. not to niggle too much, but skin is porous by nature, and only water resistant at best.

    Last time we had flooding here I got upto my knees in floodwater, not nice, and had to stick my shoes through the wash. (I'd just had an injection too, scary stuff when you've an open wound) [but there was no avoiding it.]

  2. Of course skin is a semi permeable membrane, but that is often too technical and detailed to mention in passing conversation! (and it wouldn't make as good a title!)