Wednesday 13 August 2008


For just over two years now I have been Borg. More accurately I have worn a helmet camera whilst cycling and so looked slightly like a Borg whilst being part of a cycling collective.

So I film my commutes to and from work, 5 days a week, approximately 45 weeks a year.

Why would anyone want to do that?

What’s the point?

Do you not have a life?

Did you fail at police college?

Do you want me to knock you off your bike with my car?

I’ve been asked all these things and a whole lot more. So I wanted to tell my story. Why I wear it, what I think the advantages, and disadvantages of wearing a helmet camera are. I might even write about the legal implications, the ethical implications and the emotional implications of being a Borg on a Bike (BOB). There might be a link to a video or two....

So I'm going to spill my guts (a few drivers would like that to happen!) and share my story. Maybe, just maybe someone will bother to read it and maybe I'll help, just a little, to make our roads safer for everyone. I might even encourage a few more to become assimilated to the BOB cause.


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