Thursday 21 August 2014


My previous blog provided a stark comparison between the two council areas I cycle in and how they approach cycle infrastructure consultation. There was no surprise that East Dunbartonshire won the battle with Glasgow. It wasn't even a fair contest.

East Dunbartonshire is not content with it's initial victory though, and it felt the need for one last 'punch' to finish Glasgow off. The upper hook has been delivered East Dunbartonshire in the form of a FAQ relating to the consultation.

What?! A FAQ?!?!

East Dunbartonshire are actually attempting to not only answer frequently answer questions about the consultation, but to answer them honestly!!?!

Apparently so.

At this point I do feel the need to apologise though. I apologise if you have already clicked my above link to the FAQ and have started looking at the document...... does use Comic Sans! (No I will not use Comic Sans to illustrate!!).

What were they thinking!

OK. Please ignore that fact and read on. It's actually quite an interesting read. It explains why they are doing what they are doing.  

The funds need to be spent within the current financial year....they can't do floating bus stops everywhere as there isn't space, but they are looking into moving the bus stops.....they can't do the area most in need due to other ongoing works.....etc.

You know what.....I really appreciate this approach. I really appreciate it it a lot! Ok, truth be told I don't entirely agree with everything they have said, especially the part that talks about a dual network (WE DON'T WANT OR NEED DUAL NETWORKS!!!!). Oh and a the road sweeper will be needed significantly more than they suggest!! However, I can at least understand their reasoning.

Most importantly they discuss.....phase 2. Yep, you read me correctly....this is the start of something bigger. They will look at the possibility of getting rid of the side switch and perhaps end up having nice wide lanes on both sides. It'll just take a bit of time. They will look to extend it, and to fill in any gaps.

So this is the start of the journey.

Perhaps we should help make it a wee bit easier for them. If you live in East Dunbartonshire (OK, most of my followers don't....), then why not write to your councillor and let them know that you appreciate the approach that the council is taking. You appreciate that, whilst it isn't perfect that they are listening. At the same time you can gently remind them that doing it wrong will be a waste of money, but doing it right could make the area the envy of the rest of Scotland.

 I'll be writing shortly.

I for one am quick to lambaste councils when I think they deserve it. Here I think it's time for a little congratulations.So well done East Dunbartonshire. Keep up the good work.

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  1. They're certainly making all the right noises - I like the fact that there seems to be an acknowledgement that the end-game is to separate modes, whilst maintaining convenience for people on bikes Indeed, the answers to question 4 suggest that they (whisper it) "get it".

    The switch over the road isn't ideal of course, but if the lights are genuinely rapid response, then maybe it'll be just about acceptable, particularly if this is seen as a temporary measure. It's also interesting that they acknowledge the point about the desirability of paths turning into junctions (Question 5) which is something I raised in my response. I'm quietly encouraged by this approach.

    East Dunbartonshire has a way to go - the environs and approaches to Bearsden Academy are very hostile to cycling and walking (no wonder all those parents drive their kids to school).