Thursday 19 December 2013

Sony ASL30V: Mounting Option

I recently invested in a new helmet camera, the Sony AS30V camera. My main reason for buying this was because I was getting frustrated by the poor quality of my Contour Roam 2 at night. Some of the roads that I cycle on are pitch black, and despite by powerful lights, the camera picked up very little.

I  had read some reviews of the AS30V which suggested that it was good at night time filming, so when a 25% off offer became available (sadly no longer available) I dusted off my wallet, found my credit card and took the plunge.

I've been using it for a while now, and I am impressed with the night capabilities. Here is a wee sneak preview that shows that you can (not always....but far more than with a Contour) see a registration on an unlit country road!

However, this is not a full review. That will come soon. This is a mounting suggestion for anyone who has an AS30V or an AS15.

Both the AS30V and the AS15 will fit the new waterproof cover. This new cover the SPK-AS2, whilst being less waterproof than the original cover than came with the AS15 (now only down to 5m, so just about ok for cycling in Glasgow!), is lighter and smaller on the outside. This it is a possible upgrade.

Unfortunately, a had a wee bit of an accident with mine and dropped it from a height on the floor. Oops. the front lens cover was damaged. However, this led me to a bit of a discovery. The front of the SPK-AS2 that covers the camera lens can be removed without damaging any of the rest of the case.

Front lens cover removed
Eh? Why would you want to remove the front lens cover? It would no longer be waterproof!!!

In my case, it was no longer waterproof anyway, so I had to buy another cover. Instead of wasting the damaged cover, I now have a cover that still holds the camera firmly, but doesn't reduce the video quality by having a waterproof plastic cover in the way (the full unaltered cover leads to slight blurring and reflections in the videos).

Effectively I now have a dry weather holder that I can use with my helmet.

So, if you are looking for a dry weather holder for your Sony AS30V or AS15, and you want the camera's lens free from covers that can degrade the image, and you don't mind modifying the SPK-AS2 (which does cost a few bob), then this is an option.

When I come to do my review I'll compare footage from the unmodified and modified holder.


  1. About the poor quality of your Contour ROAM 2, try downgrading the firmware to v1.11 to improve exposure in low light. You lose 720@60, but at least you can see what's going on!

  2. Yes, I'd heard that. That's why I'm using my Roam and not my Roam 2 on rear camera duty at the moment.

  3. This is good to know as I recently purchased the as100 with this case only to find that using it underwater produces out of focus images. There is a larger case with a flat lens option thats available which is supposed to improve underwater quality that I'll try to get hold of but in the meantime I'll remove the lens cover like yours and stick in a flat optical piece of glass. Nothing to lose really. I can always use it as extra protection as you are. Well done.