Friday 31 August 2012

iDRIVE Result

I'm sure most of you will have read my recent blog on the comments I received from an a learner driver school's official YouTube channel. It can be found here. The comment was quite shocking.

However, I have been very pleased with the response from iDRIVE themselves. I received a very quick initial response and after they had investigated the issue they replied to me in detail (without compromising confidentiality).

It turns out that it was an admin employee who had access to the YouTube, Facebook, e-mail accounts etc that sent the comment. I can only assume it was done when the employee thought he was logged in to his personal, anonymous account.

The employee was interviewed the following day. This is a quote from the owner of iDRIVE

I am unable to discuss with any third parties in detail about the contract breaches made, all I can say is that 7 breaches of the contract were found and for that we can thank you, and your viewers who brought it to our attention.
 ...however after a interview with the person in question, we found very little sympathy towards the comments made.
 So it would appear that the person in question had little remorse over the comments that he made and as a result is no longer employed by the company.

This is an unfortunate outcome, and one that I personally take no pleasure in. I was hoping that the person in question would have had some remorse and apologised for what they had done. As this was not the case I can fully understand the decision to let the person go.

It is a sad outcome.

However, I am very grateful to iDRIVE for their help in this matter and I wish them well in the future.

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  1. It does highlight the corporate danger of official accounts being abused by employees - intentionally or by default, and the 'image' that can be delivered by a spoof identity.

    Many rail companies have sarcastic/alternative and downright abusive parallel twitter accounts - many surging in to the vacuum left by the slow take-up and generally inept initial efforts by some train operators. Not Southern Railway was one that has now been largely seen off by the gradual improvement of Southern, but the gold standard has to be London Midland, with Southeastern (same group) the bottom of the league and passengers actually delivering a better information service.

    I winder if there is someting similar for truck drivers and their employers. Do you like playing with matches Dave?