Tuesday 28 August 2012

iDRIVE Cyclists Off the Road

Please read the following follow up blog to the original blog I wrote below. I was very pleased with the companies response to this incident.

A Quality Service, Friendly, Reliable & Professional

That's a quote on the iDRIVE driver tuition website and reading the website you would have no reason to doubt the quote. The site, whilst a little over complicated seems reasonably professional. 

Why though would a prospective driver chose to learn with iDRIVEdt? 

The top reason is that they are committed to :

"high quality, reliable and professional training"

It all sounds very good, so I suggest you sign up quickly if you are looking for driving lessons.....oh wait a minute..... there is one small minor teeny weeny problem. 

They hate cyclists.

At least that would appear to be the case as I have just had the following comment coming from their official YouTube account (iDRIVEdrivertuition) on one of my videos (copied letter for letter and received at 19:58 this evening):

cyclists are fuckin dumbasses, kick em off the road. 

So there you have it. Until I hear any different (and I am contacting them for clarification) iDRIVEdt think cyclists are stupid and are suggesting that violence should be used to remove them from the road.

Remember folks, this is coming from people who are educating our young drivers. If driving instructors, those who are probably some of the most educated road users have this attitude towards cyclists do we really think that driver education alone will make the roads safe for all?

Edit: The comment has been removed from YouTube so he is a screenshot of the notification e-mail I received.



  1. Now you will be aware that e-mails can be spoofed - I've been shown how to send me an e-mail apparently from myself. So you may need to be careful on this one.

    I suggest that you e-mail the website and ask if they sent you the message apparently coming from their account, and would like to explain its origins, and content, before you consider your next action.

    If there is an issue with an ADI instructor 'attitude' there is a reporting address adireg@dsa.gsi.gov.uk
    or there is also the integrity.team@dsa.gsi.gov.uk, who tend to deal with unlicensed instructors. I'd suggest simply sending them the URL of the comments and the URL of the Driving School and asking if they consider this is an appropriate comment from a licenced driving instructor.

  2. Dave H,

    Unless they have hacked YouTube then I know it was genuine. As well as receiving the notification e-mail it also appeared as a comment on my videos comments.

    This was real.

  3. It should also appear in your YouTube inbox :-D

  4. The irony of 'dumbasses' seems to be lost on the apparent iDRIVEdt commentator.