Tuesday 19 June 2012

Glasgow's Great, Say the Council

Glasgow was recently voted one of Britain’s five most cycle friendly cities – and the only place in Scotland to make the top 20.
That kind of accolade is always welcome – and reflects the strength of the city’s cycling community and culture, not just its infrastructure.

Thus starts the article written by Councillor Jim Coleman on the STV Local News website. What a shame he was actually quoting research (not votes) which I and many others have already discredited.

Glasgow has done well in the research because very few people cycle and the statistics were based on numbers, not rates! You don't have many cycling accidents when very few people cycle!

I couldn't help raise a giggle when he suggested that it reflects Glasgow's...infrastructure! There is very, VERY little of that, certainly of any quality in Glasgow. Just look at the picture in the STV article. Note where the bus stops and where the bus shelter is.

Oh, here comes my bus...I'll just run out and catch it....

What I would love to know from Councillor Coleman is, how much money from the council's own transport budget was spent on cycling over the last financial year and how much does he intend to spend over the coming year? Yes I know they have spent some other people's money, but have they spent any of their own? Does Glasgow really take cycling seriously as a form of transport? If your from Glasgow, let me know your thoughts here or on twitter (#glasgowcycling)

For comparison, read what Edinburgh council has to say on the subject.They are spending 5% of their OWN transport budget on cycling. Now that is progress.

I wonder, is Glasgow willing to commit the same percentage of transport funding as Edinburgh? Perhaps then they might actually be in with a shout of being in the top 20 cycling cities in the UK. Trust me, they aren't at the moment!

I also wonder...I'm about to start organising an Infrastructure Tour running from East Dunbartonshire into Glasgow. Would Councillor Coleman and other councillors be interested in seeing what it is like on Glasgow's roads form themselves?

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