Sunday 3 June 2012

Cycling for Heroes

Yes, I've done sportives in the past, and I've even ridden further than I will ride on the Dragon's Teeth Sportive, but this sportive has hills. Lots of hills. 10 hills to be exact. These aren't your wee tiddly hills, oh no, each one is a hard hill to cycle up.

Hmmm. Not too many flat bits....

So what preparation have I done for this...hmmm. I do cycle to work every day, but working all day, having a family with 3 young kids, oh and organising major cycling demonstrations, I've not really done anything else...yet.I've not cycled more than 12 miles in one go. Oh and  I must do at least one big hill before the day!

Anyway, that's enough about me. I'm also doing it for a very good cause. We might not all agree with the wars that our country is involved in. I'm certainly no fan. However, one thing that is certain, the heroes that fight in them and risk their lives every day and suffer because of them need our support. Please give all that you can here.


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