Wednesday 7 March 2012

The Big Day is Coming - 28th April

We've been busy. Very busy.

Personally I've been busy making TV appearances ( Yes I'm a media tart!

However, much more importantly a dedicated band of cycle campaigners have been working feverishly to fill out the detail for the forthcoming cycle event on the 28th of April.

We can't share that detail with you just yet, as it isn't quite finalised. However, we are aiming for a publicity launch on the 12th March. This would include website launch, Facebook page launch, Twitter feed launch and some initial designs for the poster leaflet campaign.

However, the success of this event does not just depend on our small team. It depends on you as well. Firstly we need you to turn up. This is the most important part. We also need you to turn up with other people. Friends, family, whoever you know who has a bike, a pair of feet or any non motorised form of transport. Remember we are trying to make cycling safe for everybody, from the very young, to the very old. We'd love people of all ages to attend.

Finally, we will need you to contact your politicians. The whole point of the event is to put pressure on them to take active travel seriously and to listen to the issues that we raise. They won't do that unless they hear that their constituents want them to do that.

We will of course try and make it as easy as possible for you to contact them via our website. Remember it won't just be your MSP's but your councillors to.

Together we can make Scotland a cycle friendly country


  1. Scotland?! How far do I have to travel to get to this event?

    I know what Glasgow's like... I have seen Rab C Nesbitt you know!

    Still, I guess I'll be safe from bar fights if I wear a helmet. It might be worth it... I've always wanted to see the northern lights. Is there still snow on the ground?

    Anyway, looking forward to your big reveal on Monday, whatever it is.

  2. I applaud your perseverance and stamina in folowing this through.

    I was annoyed by "Officer: We were taught in our cycle training that on a bike you take the left lane unless you are turning right." Of course this is nonsense, but such misconceptions are common. See for example