Wednesday 29 December 2010

One of Those Days

First off Happy Christmas!

Today was the first day back on the bike after Christmas. In fact it was a rare outing on the bike! The weather over the last month has kept me off it.

I was looking forward to getting back on the bike, but it was last night when I readied the bike for commuting again that things started going wrong. Here is the list:

1) Back rim is worn down, and due to salt the spokes are stuck fast. New rear wheel needed

2) Replacement chain purchased and fitted, however on todays commute in the chain kept slipping. Only some gears were usable. New cassette needed!

3) One of my front lights is now only working intermittently (B&M Ixon IQ). New front light needed!

4) During the holidays I've lost my new DHB cycling gloves! New gloves needed!

5) My helmet camera recorder doesn't see all of the space on the flash card it uses. Hopefully a new recorder isn't needed!!!! (Hopefully a format will sort it!)

All this at a time when money is tight. Smiley

Oh well, at least it is cheaper than a car.....Smiley

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