Tuesday 21 December 2010

Red Mist

I am angry today. Why? I am angry after having read this.

This is a typical Red Mist incident and and I am sick of it.

Red mist is not an acceptable justification for endangering someones life. There is no situation whatsoever where I would ever use my car in a manner that would intentionally endanger any other road user. Why? Because I have learned to control my impulses, as is required in a functional society.

If someone through red mist decides to swerve their car at me, then this person deserves to be punished fully for their actions. No question. The caution given to the driver of the above incident is not sufficient punishment.

I am sick of the attitude that some road users have. Just yesterday I came upon a a section of road that was slushy. There was a cycle lane at the side, but not only is it in the car door zone, but it had significantly more accumulation of snow/ice and slush in it. A car (4x4) sits right on my rear wheel (red light up ahead). I signal to pull back. They do slightly, but not much. We stop at the lights and the 'lady' (nicely attired, probably in a good job, has a family etc) winds down her window:

Me: You were too close to me, especially considering the conditions (slushy and -6C)

Driver: You should have been in your 'wee cycle lane'

Me: This is my lane right here.

Driver: No you should have been over there.

Me: It's full of snow and ice, it is too dangerous to cycle in.

Driver: I don't care.

Me: So I should endanger myself by cycling in that lane for your convenience?

Driver: Yes. It's your problem not mine.

Then the lights changed.

This lady was not joking. She was deadly serious.

I am sick of this attitude and I really am not willing to stand for it any longer. This is exactly why we need enforcement. Yes we need the carrot as well, but right now the stick is not big enough.


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  1. You would have been much more angry cycling in Russia.