Wednesday 30 December 2009

The New Commute

So I've moved house.

I lost my bike lights on the way (about £140 worth)
Not so great.

I bought some new lights after consulting with the purse-strings (i.e. wife).
Good. :)

I found my lost lights in the glove compartment of the car.
Oops! :oops:

Yesterday was my first commute to work from the new house in Torrance. I'm used to commuting 5 miles each way, now it is 10 miles with some extra hills thrown in (one is officially 12%). So here is a video of the first half of my commute which is rural/suburban.

I think I am going to enjoy this.



  1. Hi there, recently joined Cycle Chat and discovered this blog, enjoyable read, and some great videos too.

    I'm also planning a charity ride next year and have my own blog, be cool if you could add mine to your site -

    All the best, Lee

  2. Good video there, nice route too. Is it a trick of the footage that you appear to pedal pretty far out from the kerb a lot of the time? I pedal a lot closer to it all of the time. Not a criticism just an observation. Care to share the reasoning?

    Happy New Year! :-)

  3. Clive,

    Check out my FAQ post. It explains a little about my road positioning. Also google for Cyclecraft by John Franklyn. A very good book about road cycling technique. :-)

  4. Lee,

    Your link will be added. Good luck! :-)

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  6. That is one long commute you've got now, but the countryside bit looks lovely!

    Also impressed by the condition of the road despite the snow around, it was a disaster down here in London.

    Safe riding.

  7. £140 for a front light on a bike??