Tuesday 8 December 2009

190 miles

I have big plans for next year. As well as settling in to our new house (moving on the 16th) and having our third child (due in January), I intend to do a really big cycle. REALLY BIG.


Well, for charity of course....wait, WAIT! Don't click away from the page! Read on as this is going to cause me considerable pain!

So how far is this really big cycle? 190 miles to be approximate.

So how many days am I going to do this over? One.

One? One?!!

Yes I am going to ride 190 miles in a day.

The plan is to ride from my home to my in-laws. So Glasgow to Blackpool (ish). This trip is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, my mother who died earlier this year from MND used to holiday in Blackpool every year. She took me down to Blackpool many times as a child. So this is a trip she would make often, although not by bike. It is also a trip that many other Glaswegians make every year. It's a bit of a tradition. So I felt the need to follow tradition, all be it on a bike.

Oh and my in-laws live there. So I would have somewhere cheep to sleep afterwards.

So once I have convinced my wife of this madness I will start hatching my plans. I will need a route (only approximate at the moment), I will need sponsorship and that is where you will come in, and I will need a bum made of Kevlar.

At the moment the plan is to do it late June early July 2010. So watch this space for more details....


  1. The best of luck with your ride.

  2. Thanks. I think I'll need it!

  3. You're getting madder than Mad Charlie McMad, my boy!

    All the very best with it. You should manage to re-grow the layer of skin back on your backside in time for PfS 2010... ;-)

  4. So where is the sponsor form then Dave?

  5. Good luck mate. Know you can do it.