Friday 12 June 2009

Last Big Training Run

So today was my last big training run (been off on holiday!). Took a difficult route (for me) over both Tak Ma Doon and Crow Road (I have discovered that the climb is much easier heading south over Crow Road!).

The contrast to last weeks run was huge! Beautiful sunshine, little wind, and my legs seemed to be supercharged! Managed to do the route with good average of 16.2mph with no stopping at the top of the hills (or on the way up!).

I also had a play with a live tracker application on my mobile which seemed to work really well, so for the big event I will have my mobile set up with an extra battery pack so that I can be tracked on my journey. So if you want to see my progress I'll be posting the link so that you can follow me live!

If you happen to live nearby you could also pop out and cheer me on (or boo at me if that takes you fancy!).

All I've got to hope for now is some kind weather and that Swine Flu doesn't pay a visit!

Wish me luck and remember to sponsor me if you haven't already!

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