Sunday 7 June 2009

Cold, wet and hard work...

Another training run today (tracked on my new HTC Magic mobile phone, cool phone!). I had intended taking in Tak Ma Doon and Crow road today. However, the weather, cold, wet and a strong easterly, put an end to that. That and the fact that I lost a full energy drink bottle half way through, meant I decided not to take on Crow Road.

Todays ride hurt!!

However, not a bad training run as it will have worked my body!

49.3 miles, moving average speed 15.71mph (damn wind and rain!), average speed (including stops, i.e. where is my drink bottle!?) 14.79mph, maximum speed 35.8 (a lot lower than the last time at 48.8!).

The best bit was that I didn't stop at the top of Tak ma Doon, I just kept going. Progress!

The worst bit is that my bike fiddling (oo-er) hasn't solved my numb fingers problem. I am loathed to change too much leading up to the 100 mile ride, so I think I'll just have to cope with it.

Only 2 weeks till the ton. Yikes!

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  1. This phone sounds intresting. I can't get the batteries in mine to last long enough to track a big ride.

    Just seen the link to your route. 2800ft of climbing and all more or less the result of one big climb, presumably Tak ma Doon. That must be one mean hill!

  2. I used about 50% of the phone charge on a 3 hour ride. You can also get batteries that you can connect to the phone that will help it last longer i.e. this. I've ordered this so I can hopefully track the whole of the Trossachs Ton.

    Aye Tak Ma Doon is quite a climb. I need the training before the Ton!